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An initiative of the Economics of Mutuality platform for the Benelux region hosted by the Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University

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There’s a big difference between having a purpose and being purpose-led. Being purpose-led means that you do what’s in line with your purpose and that you don’t do what’s not.

What is the Economics of Mutuality?

Today, profits are not measured correctly. Therefore, maximizing profits maximizes environmental and societal problems. We need an economic model that profits from creating solutions for society and nature, not from creating problems. We need an economic model that defines true profit and maximizes it.

The Economics of Mutuality (EoM) is a new school of thought and a management and investment innovation based on of fifteen years of in-depth academic research and business practice. It was developed within Mars, Inc. in close partnership with Oxford University and other leading academic institutions in response to a far-sighted question asked by the management of Mars in 2006: “What should be the right level of profit?”

A platform was established in 2020 to advance and implement EoM through education, business, and investment with the purpose of Completing Capitalism. Operating globally from Geneva, Switzerland, this unique capitalist structure is comprised of the public interest EoM Foundation, its management consultancy arm, EoM Solutions, and its private equity arm, EoM Investments.

The Rotterdam Center for Economics of Mutuality is an initiative of the EoM platform for the Benelux region hosted by the Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University. Its objective is to advance the research, teaching, and practice of the EoM as the next-generation model of business performance, with a focus on SMEs in the Benelux and beyond.

A global movement is now growing around EoM that puts the transformation of business performance at its heart by integrating the needs of people and planet, and by promoting a more complete form of capitalism that is fairer and more performant for both shareholders and stakeholders.

Transforming Business

We partner with companies to implement the Economics of Mutuality as a management innovation that transforms their business model at the core – enhancing their performance while meeting critical social and environmental needs.

Expanding Leadership

We partner with leading management schools to deliver innovative executive education programs that equip business leaders to seize the full opportunity the Economics of Mutuality offers and to cope with the responsibility their function confers.

Spurring on Research

We partner with universities, foundations and think-tanks to advance the Economics of Mutuality as a new economic school of thought and a next-generation model of economic performance through academic research, education, and publications.

Supporting companies

Meet our team

Behind the Economics of Mutuality lies a diverse team from a range ofacademic, business and cultural backgrounds across the globe.

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